How to action a task


When you are assigned a task in LOGIQC you will also receive an email notification with a link to your tasks screen.  You can access the task from within the email notification.

To access your task via your email notification

  1. Click on the hyperlink of the task in the body of the email
  2. LOGIQC will open up into the 'Task options' screen of the task.  Note:  If you are not logged into LOGIQC, you will be taken to the log in screen of LOGIQC where you will need to log in.  From there you will be taken directly into the task.
  3. Complete the required actions


Or you can action the task from your 'My Tasks' screen

  1. Log in to LOGIQC and you will see your tasks listed in the My Tasks tab.
  2. Select the task you wish to action by clicking on the link in the description column
  3. The task will open into the 'Task options' screen of the task
  4. Complete the required actions



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