About user permission levels

The system administrator can adjust the permission levels of users. You can generate a report on the permission levels that have been allocated to all users by going to the Contacts/LOGIQC user contacts tab and selecting Export. 

User permission levels are linked to the user licences purchased for your system. You may receive a warning that you have reached your licence limit in some cases. All permission levels from Creator to CEO use the same licence. So changing the permission level of users within these bands will not require a change to licensing.

The user permission level can be seen in the Contacts/Contacts details form:

You must be logged in as the Administrator to change a user's permission level.

There is a connection between Access Restrictions and permission levels. For example, viewing rights to a document or incident report can be restricted using the Access Restrictions drop down menu.

Note that users with the Quality Manager and CEO permission level can see all items in the system

Typical setup

  • Executive/senior managers are assigned as Manager level 4.
  • People who are complaints/risk or quality managers are assigned Quality Manager
  • People who report to these people (eg team leaders) are assigned Manager level 3.
  • People who report to team leaders but still need to approve things in LOGIQC are either Manager level 2 or Approval Officer (depending on whether they line manage people or not).
  • General staff that just need to report things and access documents are assigned as Staff level.
  • Users that will do a bit more in LOGIQC (eg add/edit business contacts, schedule tasks) but do not approve things are assigned the Creator level.

Permission levels and user licences

Permission level Required licence type
Read/Report Read and Report licence
Staff Action licence
Creator Approval licence
Approval Officer Approval licence
Manager 1-4 Approval licence
Quality Manager Approval licence
CEO Approval licence
Administrator Free

Click below to open a table detailing the permission levels and their attributes.

The attached table describes what each permission level can do in the system and what they can view: (Click on the PDF document at the foot of this article to open the table in your PDF viewer)


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