July 19 2017 release

LQD 1706

Improved access permissions


The 'Access permissions' feature is now called 'Viewing permissions' and a new field has been added called 'Users'. This means that you can assign viewing rights to specific users regardless of their permission level.

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LQD 1754

Change to notification email text for unpublished documents


Notification emails sent when unpublishing a document or sent from an unpublished document will state that the document has been unpublished.


LQD 1739

Attaching records made easier


When attaching records to Incidents, Improvements, Repairs and Feedback items you no longer have to set the access permissions. The record will be visible only to users who can open the register item.


LQD 1739

De-cluttered Attachments Tab in the Records Register


The Attachments Tab in the Records Register now only shows attachments from Audits, Compliance, Training and Licensing.  This allows for easy searching for reports and certificates etc with less clutter from other registers. 


LQD 1727

Re-approve suppliers


Suppliers that have been un-approved can now be re-approved without re-entering all the details and the audit trail of events relating to that supplier will remain. If re-approve is selected, the supplier will move to the ‘awaiting approval’ phase.

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