May 8 2017 release

LQD 1708

Filter by work area in All Tasks


New column for work area added to the All Tasks Excel export.


LQD 1707

Improved field configuration


Improved configuration of fields that record the provider of feedback. The optional Client ID field is now grouped under feedback provider details. The Client ID field is now also a searchable field.



LQD 1702

Improved user experience


Remove ‘auto-expand’ in register column filters. This means that when you filter on a register column, the menu displays in one single width and doesn’t re-size.


LQD 1701

Improved field visibility in Risk and Accreditation Module


Increase height and character limit of risk mitigation action fields and accreditation action plan fields.


LQD 1695

Improved password help


Simplified form to request password re-set.


LQD 1694

Improved field visibility in Accreditation Module


Add hover-over pop-up to display standards on Accreditation Details form.

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